Joint Data Competence

Automated data evaluation of operational processes & visualization solutions

For the benefit of passengers, airport and airline operations, FraAlliance is actively developing value-adding IT products and services. The main objective is to contribute to more transparency and digitalization of the real time situation at touchpoints along the passenger journey.

FraAlliance’s IT products and services as well as data driven use cases are enabled by a state-of-the-art scalable data platform provided by Lufthansa Systems. The data platform allows for a collaborative approach to share and process sensitive data of Lufthansa and of Fraport in a secure environment.

Currently, four use cases are developed on the FraAlliance platform with each leveraging different sources of data. The developed use cases are built on combined data from Fraport, Lufthansa as well as external sources and create new insights and added value for Fraport, Lufthansa and ultimately the passengers.

Use Case 01 | Passenger Forecast & Analysis 

This use case aggregates passenger process point data for security screening checkpoints in Lufthansa’s Terminal 1 areas and has been deployed. Please refer to Article "New waiting time insights for LH Passengers and staff at Frankfurt airport" FraAlliance Project partners are Lufthansa Systems GmbH and datatactics GmbH.

FraAlliance Project partners are Lufthansa Systems GmbH and datatactics GmbH. 

Use Case 02 | USSP Analysis 

This use case analyses and identifies unnecessary security screened passenger streams at Frankfurt Airport in real time using data sources from Fraport and Lufthansa. Furthermore, the deployed tool enables the simulation of corresponding actions and rules to minimize the number of affected passengers with equivalent measures managed by Terminal Operations Staff.

FraAlliance Project partners are Lufthansa Systems GmbH and datatactics GmbH.

Use Case 03 | Automated data distribution (via API) 

The use case consists of developing an API on the FraAlliance platform to share data with our partners and passengers.

Project partners are Lufthansa Systems GmbH and datatactics GmbH.

Use Case 04 | Passenger Arrival  

This use case aims at developing an AI/ML prediction tool of the arrival pattern of passenger volumes at the curbside of the Terminal. The MVP is currently being built based on the prediction of passenger volumes at the security screening checkpoint as a first step.

The developed platform combines data from Fraport, Lufthansa and external sources.

The envisioned operationalization of the passenger arrival prediction tool will be conducted in the next phase of the project, as well as technical adjustments and preparation for governance.

FraAlliance Project partners are Lufthansa Systems GmbH, d-fine GmbH and datatactics GmbH.

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